Summer Reading: A Box of #Architecture, #Cities, and #Sustainability

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Are you always looking for good books? I sure am. Today I got a whole box of new titles, to which I usually do a celebratory dance –new books days bring a flood of ideas and inspiration right to my doorstep. Whoowee! What’s inside??  the best gift to myself. We are in a golden age of books, a time when a brilliant meme can burn through the global brain in days if not hours.


In this video, I share the half that deals with architecture, cities, and sustainability – 9 titles in all. The other half of the box is filled with books on big ideas, media, and social change – it’s an even dozen. Look for those in another video. Plus I have a few stragglers (I ordered 30)… so if this works, you’ll be seeing more of these book box vids – it’s a quick way to share a small mountain of useful information, I hope. And I might not share these books otherwise; they go straight into my research or get shelved for future reference.


Don’t look for fiction here. I rarely buy novels or short stories in print form because I love to read on the kindle. But I hate to research on it. You can only look at one book at a time and you can’t view as quickly, accessing multiple tabs simultaneously. My desk is covered in books while I write. So you won’t see any big boxes of novels arriving at my door. And I savor them more slowly too, not urgently - maybe one/week or 10 days, I’d say 30-40/year, versus devouring say 150 to 200 non-fiction books.


You will also find me on Goodreads – drop me a note b/c I only follow a few people there. I add more fiction on goodreads b/c fiction friends got me started; 25 bks posted, 3-4,000 to go. but you can convince me otherwise, esp if you’ll post your reads too. I’d love to have more architecture, urban, sustainable design, futurist friends there.


Do any of the books intrigue you? if so, I’ll share my impressions, post-reading. Or have you read them? What did you think?


And…what are you reading? The next box is filling up – I love good book tips.