Dear Unemployed Architects: You Have Been Given A Gift


[Dedicated to former Kansas City Chiefs players who were cut and are playing in today’s Super Bowl. Congratulations! Clear proof that getting fired was a gift.]

When you lose your job, you feel crushed. And if you don’t find a new job quickly, the idea that your plight is anything short of a life disaster may seem even more ridiculous. Losing a job, and especially with the prospect of being out of work for an extended time period, wrecks your pocketbook and your sense of self-worth.

In short, losing your job is one of the worst experiences of your life. I agree.

Yet what I believe has really happened to you is that you have been set free. Free from going tomorrow to a job where you wonder if you’ll be there another day or a month. Free from the headaches of a project, chasing new jobs for the firm’s marketing efforts, and fearing disturbing discussions behind-closed-doors.

Your time is now your own. And that is quite a gift.

Furthermore, your freedom comes at a time when the architecture profession is battered from all sides. In short, trends and society have not favored architects. We all know that.

In the worst economic decline since the Great Depression, architects are the most out-of-work profession in America. A small field of only a couple of hundred thousand people at best, 50,000 are out of work. (New York Times). Some locations are facing over 40% unemployment.

It’s bleak. But that’s not my focus. I want to talk about freedom and what you might do with it.

Think of it as money in the bank. You can withdraw from it every day. I wager that the better you spend it, the more freedom you will find. In other words, invest in yourself wisely, generously, enthusiastically. You have struck gold.

While I don’t know how bad things are for you, I know that there is life beyond your old job. And it’s not that the firm didn’t value you. It’s that they are thinking only about money. Letting someone go means that they could not write any more checks to you.

I know it sounds strange, but as much as you might have loved that job, you can learn to love your new situation more. And you can actually do more of what you set out to do as an architect.

I’m going to share some ideas of how you might spend your time – 101 ideas but who’s counting! Some may seem ridiculous, others obvious, and still others might resonate with your current needs. Because you might be feeling shock or operating in survival mode, desperate for both cash and confidence.

Now that you have tomorrow off, your time is your own. Think about that. You have tomorrow free to do what you want perhaps for the first time in years or even decades. Because tomorrow was reserved for work, and that’s not happening. So what will you do instead? I have a few ideas in no particular order, just to get you started.

1. Take a walk. Walt Whitman credits his creativity with his daily walks around Walden Pond. It’s one of the most peaceful things you can do. Walk in nature, or walk down a treed street. If it’s cold or rainy, just dress for it.
2. Plant something green. In a pot, in the ground. It will grow as you grow.
3. Go see a movie, especially one that you would never go see.
4. Go to the highest point in the city and look around. What do you see? What would you do to make it better, fix the ills? If you were dreaming, that is. What do you think will be there in 2020 or 2030? Use your knowledge of architecture to stretch your images of the city.
5. What is your favorite architecture in your city? Go visit it. Think about why it’s special. Start recognizing the unique attributes of your place, inventory, and analyze its quality so that you become an expert.
6. Photograph your house, your street or neighborhood. Or one that you particularly love or hate. Find places that draw or repel you.
7. Go to the library. It’s a world of ideas. See what areas draw you. You are not limited to architecture in the library. For instance, I found great pleasure in children’s books about historic cultures. I imagine what kids think when they first encounter pyramids or cathedrals in books.
8. Work out. Every day.
9. Eat well. That means healthy, for wellness. You’ll feel better.
10. Meditate. Sit quietly at least 10 minutes with your eyes closed.
11. Breathe deeply. Regularly. Frequently.
12. Sing, whistle, dance or skip. Automatically uplifting, guaranteed.
13. Talk with friends and family. They are your support group. They care.
14. Go somewhere if you can afford to – you have the time. If not, go virtually.
15. Write down what you did in your architectural job.
16. Consider why you became an architect. What was different between what you dreamed and what you did? How can you aim at the original dream? Note, it might not even be in architecture; you have transportable skills if you break them into parts instead of just one idea: architect.
17. Think about times where you did incredible work, in school, at work, in volunteer activities. What was it? Design, drawing, talking with people, coordinating. Figuring out particularly tricky technical problems. Getting to work early. Working under pressure. Write all of it down.
18. What did you think an architect would do when you first contemplated being an architect, when you graduated, or when you started with the recent firm? How did it change and how did your attitude and enthusiasm change?
19. How did you spend your days? What was valued by the firm, what was ignored or even shunned?
20. Who had a job like you wanted? Think about what it was like.
21. What do you care about? Write it down. Draw it or gather some objects that represent your most important values.
22. If you were a developer, what would you build?
23. Think about your situation – why were you let go? From the day you began there – a rosy cheery moment I hope – to the last day, what was the trajectory? At some point, you fit and in the end, you did not. Leaving there really was a gift. Think about what changed – even beyond the loss of work. Are you pleased with their view of you – the types of jobs they gave you? Or were you just accepting it because it was a job?
24. Get licensed. Really. I know, Bill Gates didn’t’ graduate from college, but you did. And Orville Wright didn’t have a pilot’s license. (My good friend Gordon MacKenzie said that). If you are ready to reinvent the world as they did, then go do it. Excellent! Otherwise, chalk up these milestones; that’s all they are. Life is not better on the other side but it is a touchstone, no more “wish I had.” Live life with minimal regrets.
25. Become LEED accredited.
26. Learn to play the piano, paint, or speak a new language.
27. Get on Twitter – find me.
28. Find the Architects Twitter League and see who else is there. Follow them. Or use my Architects list.
29. Get tweetdeck or hootsuite and start making groups of people you enjoy.
30. Search some terms on twitter and see what crops up. I search architecture, cities, and LEED at all times and add temporary searches at other times.
31. Find people in those places you want to visit. See what they think of the pyramids or the Burj Khalifa.
32. Sign up to Facebook and find your friends and family, your local AIA, other groups that interest you. You don’t have to answer all those questions, just the ones you’re comfortable with.
33. Post some photos on Flickr or slideshows on Slideshare or book reviews on Goodreads.
34. Sign onto Linked In and Plaxo and find the architectural networks.
35. Sign up to Architizer and load some of your projects, comment on others. This new service is a real winner.
36. Learn to cook something new.
37. Invite friends over to play games. Or for coffee or beers.
38. Go bowling. Or ice skating. Or roller skating. Alone. In other words, get lost and do something you never do.
39. Offer to read or teach at the local elementary school or library.
40. Serve meals at a soup kitchen or deliver them to shut-ins.
41. Make a list of books the library should put on their buy list. Give a review of each. (We want people to know about architecture and green building. They might value us more.)
42. Pull out your old projects and figure out what you did well.
43. Invent how your projects would be different if you were deciding. Who would be on your dream team? who wouldn’t?
44. Sell some stuff. Use Ebay, Craigs List, have a garage sale, set up a booth at the mall or market, or list it in the paper.
45. Be frugal. Stretch your resources so that you can choose your destiny.
46. Offer to mow your neighbors grass or fix a fence.
47. You just reduced your carbon footprint significantly by eliminating the commute. What else could you do? Many web sites can help you.
48. Go to planning commission meetings. Or sit through a court case or a city council meeting. Improve your understanding of how government works.
49. Assess the sustainability of your house, your neighborhood, or your city. How does it compare to similar places, or to model places? what can you do to improve it?
50. Write a white paper on what your neighborhood or city could do to be more sustainable. Strive to give back energy to the grid. That’s the goal, be a producer.
51. Check out on-line city lists for quality of life, and “best of” lists. Forbes has many of these. How does your city rank? What area are most important? How can you help your city be unique?
52. Write an op ed to the paper – and then do it every month or quarter.
53. Be on the paper’s editorial board
54. Be a guest columnist.
55. Speak to the Rotary, Chamber, Lions or Lioness Clubs, the Y, and so on.
56. Read poetry.
57. Write haiku.
58. Start a journal.
59. Start a blog (you knew I’d get here, yes?) Start with Posterous if you want something easy.
60. Make comments on others blogs. There are so many great architecture blogs.
61. Draw a tree. Or a person. For architects, those are the hardest, yes? Buildings are easy.
62. Start a cartoon strip. Find humor.
63. Write a novel. Create fantasy, use your imagination.
64. Research something you wondered about and never had the time to check.
65. Go to the lowest point in your city. Photograph, draw. How is it different than the highest place
66. Think about your city in 2050. How many people? Where will they live?
67. What will climate change do to your city? Drought, Storm events. Hurricanes. Flooding. How prepared is the community?
68. Do a walkability assessment of your neighborhood. Map it. Write an opinion for your neighbors or for your city. Where are there crosswalks, shade trees and landscaping, narrowing streets, street calming, furniture, sprinklers hitting sidewalks, bad sidewalks, scary dogs. Where are the best spots (these I use for destinations on my runs.)
69. Inventory unused spaces. What could be done with them? Invent possible projects.
70. Do a Kevin Lynch style survey of the area. Get others to do it too. Landmarks, barriers, pathways, etc. How do others see your district?
71. Keep track of favorite architecture or places you want to see in the city or around the world. Make a wishing map.
72. Make a google map of your favorite places in your town. I can’t tell you what time I’ve spent figuring out what to see in a strange city. And then get home to find out they just built some incredible new school or bridge. Horrible. Why don’t we have good architecture maps with insider tips?
73. Make a video. Post it on your blog.
74. Start a new habit. Do it for 30 days.
75. Make your goals. Tie them to your daily activities.
76. Volunteer for AIA activities. Or the organization of your choice. Go where you can leverage your expertise and meet people that want to work with you.
77. Start a new group with your friends. Agree to meet or fix dinner once a week or once a month.
78. Write your obituary. I’m not being morbid. Knowing that we are mortal – foreknowledge of death – is a uniquely human trait, quite remarkable. It’s the ultimate limitation and sharpens purpose, meaning in life. Because we die, we must use our time wisely. So hone your writing skills. Say you die in 10 years, what is your obit? Or 20, 30, 40, 50 years? Think about the world at that time. What would you want to contribute? A building or park? A new way of seeing things? A mourning family? A book, a house, or a garden?
79. Plant a garden. Harvest your own food.
80. Sell some of your produce – sketches, pumpkins, painting, stories, what?
81. If you had today to create something, what would it be? What do your neighbors need? What did your clients need? Or co-workers, or consultants, or suppliers, or contractors?
82. What are your skills? Say, technical, illustration, problem solving, synthesizing, research, design, storytelling, BIM, construction, whatever it is. Itemize it outside of the architecture profession and think who could use it? How could you use it online, developing your own brand? Fantasize about that. And then try it out.
83. Join the local social media club, find out what they are doing. Because augmented reality is up and coming.
84. Go help in Haiti, or in New Orleans, or somewhere else that is in need of architects. Don’t stay where cities are dying, unless you just love that challenge.
85. Become a member of a volunteer board, something you care about or that is in sync with your larger goals.
86. Develop deep ecological knowledge of your neighborhood and city – look back at least 12,000 years (the time of civilization and cities more or less). Think about the streams, geology, weather patterns, flora, and fauna. What has changed?
87. Take classes towards your larger interests outside the architecture field. For me, that was futures/forecasting, and communications since I felt architects were not particularly apt at verbal expression. What’s your area? Science, business, education, social science, health care? Everything links with architecture. You are making yourself more uniquely valuable..
88. Develop cultural history of your hometown and think about how the architecture unique reflects the culture and ecology of your region.
89. Look at regional cooperation and projections. How many people will be in your city in twenty years? In Kansas City, a city of 2,000,000 people – which is just about average among global cities – another 500,000 are expected to be here by 2030, according to Mid-America Regional Council. But the cities of the metro area each want those people, and are collectively planning for 5.2 million people! It’s useless infrastructure and wasteful competition. What is happening in your city, and can you make it be more reasonable? You are an architect and come with expertise. Use it.
90. Use the design process to solve other problems. – assess, research, develop alternatives, select, develop, implement. Charrette workshops, synthesizing, creativity, are all intriguing and central to business innovation. Few fields focus on creativity, while we are well versed in it. Yet, with automation, anything that can be prototyped, will be. We know something of great future value – design thinking.  How can you use it?
91. Develop your perspective on topics that matter to you. Write, research, and talk about them. Try for starters.
92. Think how you can be involved in clean technology. Rather than limiting yourself to design and construction, imagine how people use cities, how behavior can be different.
93. Investigate augmented reality programs, particularly in your area. Heres my slideshow on AR and cities.
94. Limit your activities to things that develop your life, improve your city, or contribute to big ideas, like the future of the profession or quality of life.
95. Imagine the impact of climate change on your city. How well is it prepared for flooding, drought, weather events, and so on?
96. Outline a manifesto of your ethics – the future of… your family, your profession, your city. What is important to you? What is your vision and what would you change?
97. What in your life feeds you and drains you? Does something strengthen your network, expand your knowledge, or contribute meaningfully to quality of life? If not, let it go.
98. Analyze your city’s choices: what is important based on decisions?
99. Where is the affordable housing or the blighted areas?
100. Is there any chance those disenfranchised areas will be in better or worse shape in 10 years? What can you do about it?
101. Think how closely your dreams, your vision of the future, matches or disagrees with your current situation. Then go make that future image happen.

A failure of imagination holds us back so often. You have enormous resources – your knowledge, assets, network, experiences, and most of all, your vision of the future.

For perhaps the first time, you have the ability to do something about your dreams because you have the time. Cut back expenses, become ultra-sustainable, be where things are happening. And be ready with your unique point of view. Prepare yourself to contribute.

We are living at a time where architecture as it is traditionally defined bucks the trends. It’s in decline. No doubt about it. Even with the extra 3 billion people expected to live in cities during the next 40 years, they are not knocking on the American architects doors. They are figuring out how to do things themselves, using local resources and people.

You should do the same! Make yourself useful in the new world. Because sustainable, living cities, social networks, and automation are the perfect storm for changing how we build cities. When there is change, there are new opportunities. Be ready, alert, and learn the new freedoms offered by online social networks and research knowledge.

During the greatest urbanization of all time, you have the freedom to shape a new world, starting today.

I had lunch with two of my favorite architects a couple of days ago, women with whom I worked for a dozen years and have known for close to two decades. They are both recently unemployed. Dear Friends, I hope you read this and understand that free time and deep commitment to a special cause is far more valuable than working at a place that has other things on its mind than your life and development. You really have been given a gift. Best Wishes.


  1. bronxelf says:

    It’s not that the ideas you espouse are silly. It’s that largely they’re both unrealistic and offensive. The tone of this article comes from a place of unbelievable privilege. in fact, so much so that it’s downright shocking. It completely conflates the concepts of “unemployment”, “vacation” and “retirement”. Being out of work is not a *gift*, unless you really hated your job and were genuinely looking to change careers anyway. No, it’s only a gift if you’re not worried about going BROKE while having that time. If you are, then it’s not a gift. Most people don’t work because they love going to work every day. They work because there’s a paycheck involved. Without that paycheck, sure you have time, and maybe that time is a chance to create opportunities. But it’s not a gift, and phrasing it that way makes the assumption somewhere that you can *afford* to look at it like it’s a gift- that you can “play” at “working” while someone else foots the bill.As for the high percentage of architects currently out of work(designers too, by the way), This is supposed to make you feel *better* about this? How? All it really says is “Oh and btw the chances of you finding work again in the short term are near zero, because the market is saturated with people JUST LIKE YOU. Good luck with that!”Again, unless you were looking to change careers entirely, this is not exactly useful information. You wrote:”Think of it as money in the bank. You can withdraw from it every day. I wager that the better you spend it, the more freedom you will find. In other words, invest in yourself wisely, generously, enthusiastically. You have struck gold.”WOW. Did you even proofread this? You actually had the cast iron balls to put this paragraph on the screen? Really? No it’s not money in the bank, not even metaphorically speaking. You know what is? MONEY. The freedom to do as you like is great, but when you don’t have any money your options become more limited than you think. Your privilege, let me show you it. No one went to architecture school to go broke. (You can apply this to any field that requires specialized, post-graduate training.) They may not have set out to be rich but NO ONE does it to go BROKE. But you’re ostensibly telling this to people who have lives, families, and STUDENT LOANS they may still be trying to pay off, and you have the nerve to say it’s “like money in the bank”?” Even metaphorically, that’s really offensive, and shows just how far removed you are from actually having to worry about the loss of that job, on a financial level.In all your myriad suggestions, most of which are either a) things you could have done easily before the loss of your job or b) things in which you clearly need to have someone else who can pay all the bills for you while you’re busy doing them (really? How do you expect people to live down in Haiti or NOLA with no income? If they volunteer does magical money fall from the sky to support them or their families?) you know what I didnt see? NOT ONCE have you suggested anything like “research online tutorials for programs involved in your job- become more proficient and practiced with AutoCAD and various 3d rendering programs.” “Improve your rendering skills.” “Source out new architectural materials online and learn their specifications.” “seek out continuing educational opportunities through AIA(or whatever) and make sure you stay current.” Any of that listed? No. What is listed either costs money you can ill afford to spend when you’re out of work, or is a lot of idealistic navel gazing. Of course, if you’re not in any real danger of losing your house or wondering how you’re going to pay off your student loans or if you don’t have a young child or two at home or if *you have another person paying the bills while you stare blithely into your navel*, then I guess it’s all right.For everyone else though, this article is really pretty offensive.

  2. Cindy Frewen Wuellner, phd, faia says:

    Bronxelf: You have hit on the sorry situation from a different perspective, Thank you for caring enough to comment and providing an alternate perspective. Surely your thoughts will resonate with others. they read my list and say, but what about the bills, the future? Financial survival is the only thought. To let you know that I am not ignoring your ideas, I am in meetings this morning, and will comment later today. best regards,Cindy

  3. twfarlan says:

    Spoken like a person who has never missed a meal or rent check.

  4. Cindy Frewen Wuellner, phd, faia says:

    Bronxelf (and more generally, architects): You are right, every day, you should do the things you need to do to get a job. I have been there too, and know exactly what that’s like. You made several excellent suggestions on continuing ed, CAD, 3D rendering and new materials research. Good ideas for architects, do them! For folks out of work, you can continue to do things the same way – by all means. Or, as I am saying, it’s not just you, it’s a larger problem and you best use your brains, talents, skills, and this unexpected time to re-assess. Because two things can happen. 1. You might get a job next week, next month or next year. And then your chance disappears. You’re back at the grindstone, fortunately being paid.2. Or you might not get a job like you had. It’s a sea change. My intention is, as you said, a total reassessment, back to basics, changing your perspective and your expectations. Make your own list. What is important to you? How are you going to survive? And what would it take for you to flourish? What do you need to do to see things differently?In my mind, if it doesn’t improve your life, strengthen your network, or contribute to your city, then don’t bother. Those are the three themes, more or less. I’m saying to record, assess, return to roots, gain perspective, and figure out precisely what you bring. I think there will be some real jobs in Haiti, and I hear there are jobs in New Orleans. Generally the list was made with free inspiration in mind. Thanks for your ideas. Cast iron balls indeed. That’s a line you don’t hear every day. You have a talent for expression. How can you use it? Best regards, Cindy

  5. bronxelf says:

    Hi Cindy,I understand you’re trying to put a positive spin on reassessment, and I commend you on that effort. Unfortunately you’re still coming at this from an unrealistic viewpoint and a place of privilege that smacks of “Just not getting it.”Reassessment is all fine and good but again, you’re failing to see where the suggestions you make are completely out of touch with the reality of *not* having someone around to pay your bills for you, and you still don’t seem to get just how offensively it comes across.Here’s some examples(I deconstructed this entire article- believe me, I have a list- but there’s a couple.)You suggest going to a movie you never would have normally seen. Really? Waste money (you need) on something you wouldn’t have bothered with anyway? Teaching elementary school kids- again, really? You do realize they don’t pull teachers off the street, right? That elementary school teachers are *also* licensed, trained professionals just like you and you can’t just walk off the street and “decide to do that.” Again, unless you were looking to get out of the business anyway, or are close enough to retirement that a drastic career change sounds like a good plan, this requires *yet another* round of schooling, exams and licensing all of which you either need the money for or need to take out *even more* loans to get. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t know too many people who went into Architecture and Design because they just couldnt figure out how to teach third graders. By the way, you’re obliquely insulting *teachers*. Teaching is a calling- a real one, and to suggest it in the same way was “hey let’s put on a show in our backyard” is ridiculous.There *are* real jobs in NOLA, but I don’t know how many people really want to pick up their entire lives to move down there, and if they did, without a job IN HAND before they go, how many could afford to do it. Haiti is a disaster area that will take quite some time to even *begin* to show signs of work, and again, a foreign country which brings with it another slew of potential problems.Planting a garden, assuming you live in a place you can(big assumption) is a great hobby. But if you haven’t spoken to real hard core gardeners, you might be surprised how hard it actually is to “grow your own food” with any kind of yield or further how long it takes to actually do that. Btw, gardening with the intention of growing your own food? It’s really time consuming- I have some friends who do it, but they *can* because one of them *stays at home* while the other *supports the family by working*. When you’re the source of support, planting magic beans isn’t going to help much.Reassessment is great. It’s fine. But it should be done *continuously*, whether one is employed or not. Most of your suggestions read like seventh grade social studies assignments, things you could (and probably should) have been doing anyway long before you lost your job. There’s little to no real, practical advice on how to genuinely weather the storm, particularly when you *don’t have someone else around* to let you “play” at “working”.In short, as I said earlier- it may be an opportunity, but it isn’t a gift. And if you think it is? I have a *very large* group of people who would love to exchange the gifts they got with you for a paycheck.-AK

  6. twfarlan says:

    I want to present a response from what I’d like to suggest is the “street level view” of your suggestions. I’ve posted it in my own blog space to avoid taking up yours. I hope you take the time to consider what is said, and understand where my response comes from, that being the perspective of someone who actually has to live down here.

  7. Cindy Frewen Wuellner, phd, faia says:

    Hello twfarlan: your street level view is far more entertaining. You’re right, I did not have you or any recent graduate in mind when I said unemployment is a gift. It’s not, it’s a disaster. I apologize for that insensitivity, and appreciate you speaking up. I was thinking about architects who are mid-career with saved resources and are ready for a re-assessment. It’s a long view, trying to see other options and perspective. Ironic, isnt it, that it might be long view, but is not wide? it only suits certain architects. a good lesson. Silver spooned socialite? no way. beer and bootstraps, decades of the longest hours. Good luck to you, I wish you well, Cindy

  8. Cindy Frewen Wuellner, phd, faia says:

    Hello AK/Bronxelf: okok, dont let it be said that I dissed teachers! my family are teachers, including me. Just teach one session, not a whole class, a guest lecture. truly astonishing how kids see architecture, fresh eyes. Urban farming, community gardens, not for you apparently. I think cities will be full of edible landscapes in time. If you can’t garden, be kind to those friends. Good point, people should reassess continuously. Not many do. Work and family fill the time. Years, decades can go by. Please see my apology to twfarlan, which extends to you too. “Gift” is poorly considered for early career or recent grad architects. The list was aimed at mid-career, and does not suit your situation. I wish I could put folks back to work today. It makes us all feel a little helpless to witness the heartbreaks, esp close friends. Good luck to you, and thanks for your conversation, I hope you find work,Cindy

  9. Cindy Frewen Wuellner, phd, faia says:

    Follow up on joblessness: According to a new article in The Atlantic by Don Peck entitled “How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America”, the job downturn is 11 years old. Equal to, or as he argues worse than, economic pain is a societal decline which takes at least 15 years to either gain foothold or reverse. In other words, we are on the brink. “In The Moral Consequences of Economic Growth, the economic historian Benjamin Friedman argues that both inside and outside the U.S., lengthy periods of economic stagnation or decline have almost always left society more mean-spirited and less inclusive, and have usually stopped or reversed the advance of rights and freedoms. A high level of national wealth, Friedman writes, “is no bar to a society’s retreat into rigidity and intolerance once enough of its citizens lose the sense that they are getting ahead.” When material progress falters, Friedman concludes, people become more jealous of their status relative to others. Anti-immigrant sentiment typically increases, as does conflict between races and classes; concern for the poor tends to decline.” Rebuilding jobs, including the battered architecture and design professions, is job number one. I’ve gotten a disturbing view into the strain of unemployment this week, courtesy of this blog and a couple of brave writers. Coupled with the outlook in Peck’s article, we can’t do enough to reverse the current epic slide. There’s really no positive spin for architects, who are getting hit by both near- and long-term damaging forces. Some people will figure out their own particular salvation. I’d encourage folks to use your tools, skills, contacts, and resources, however meager, to beat the system. Even many architects and designers will come out ahead; be one of them. Good luck, never give up, and I hope to hear from you.

  10. Cindy Frewen Wuellner, phd, faia says:

    For job seekers, go to Talent Star, great resources via Marjanne Pearson.

  11. Gary_at_PROSOCO says:

    Impressive. Glad you’re back! Must say, though, I think some of your commenters missed your point, which I saw as being open to and encouraging possibilities, and doing things to spark your imaginationand/creativity/ideas. Employed or unemployed, nothing of value happens without those.I think it goes without saying that you need to look for a way to replace lost income. A walk, a white paper, even an unusual movie can all help to spark creativity. And using our abilities to help is a POWERFUL way to make connections that lead to employment, or who knows… your own biz. I say, well done, UV!

  12. Su Butcher says:

    Hi Cindy, I loved your post when I saw it in my subscription email. Its a shame that some have misunderstood your motives. I feel its essential that we offer a wide range of positive alternative approaches to this situation and applaud you for having a go at doing this.I came out of college (RIBA Part II) in 1992 and couldn’t get a job as an architectural assistant. I was fortunate to be offered a part time teaching post, but it was enough to mean I never got to take my Part III and become an architect after all those years of effort.It took me ten years to realise that I wasn’t a failure (though many architects still insist that I must be!) because like most women architecture students in the UK I didn’t become ARB registered. I refuse to see it as a failure. Life is what happens when you’re making other plans. I am successful in my career, because with the support of many generous men and women I have made good decisions and taken up good opportunities.The fact is, a similar situation will happen to many part qualified architects in the years to come. It is not the end of the world. We (I’m in the UK) live in the most prosperous countries in the world. The opportunities (though they might seem limited) are wider than for the vast majority of our fellow human beings. We would benefit from accepting that fact and making the most of what we have.

  13. Nicola Erlich says:

    Hi, just to say what a great article and fascinating and interesting debate going on in the comments.Its true that money is essential for living and therefore lack of it can consume all our thoughts, energies and direction in life.But many of the things listed in the article dont cost any money to. They may take a little bit of your time but surely people that are unemployed are time-rich? I am on Twitter, which is how I know @subutcher, which is how I came across this blog post. I have no doubt that Twitter is full of unemployed people, maybe stretching the truth in some cases, to their current employment status. But one thing I do know for certain is that it is full of inspirational people, people that have taken the positive, proactive response to the recession, or unemployment, to utilise their time effectively, making strong business networking connections, proactively seeking work opportunities and also learning either new skills or honing already existing skillsI strongly believe that as the economy recovers, it is these proactive people that will be like the phoenix, rising out of the ashes of the recession who have shown positive mental attitude (free), aptitude (free) and tenacious hardworking characteristics (free).Broxnell, I would say to you that perhaps you have lost a sense of self belief, that things will improve in your own personal circumstances. When we give up hope, we lose everything. If you are already on Twitter please look me up @nicchick. If you arent already, can I suggest that you sign up, look me up and maybe also @subutcher who is a friendly helpful person. Surround yourself with positive people, learn, share, experience. What have you got to lose by doing it? And I for one, will be happy to help introduce you to circle of good people in any country, any industry, as a great starting point on Twitter, something that I never had when I started out.

  14. Cindy Frewen Wuellner, phd, faia says:

    Su, thank you for explaining your choices. Your stories are tough and yet that’s real, that’s how we stumble through life. You have clearly thrived despite those barriers, or maybe because of them. Way to go! <applause>You’re right, survival choices change our paths. And while those choices may not be what we wanted to do, it got us to today, decades later, and you are happy about that. Me too. same exact experience, a different route to happiness. Which gives us a different perspective – the long view. Is there a sense that this historic recession means that no one will succeed, ie, my early-career pain is worse than yours? There might be. that is terrible. Perhaps your words will hit some nerve, spark an idea. We can hope.Thanks for your comments and sharing your stories, you are remarkable!warm regards,Cindy

  15. Cindy Frewen Wuellner, phd, faia says:

    Gary and Nicola: thank you for your thoughtful remarks. During the past week in particular, I am reminded that early career needs are quite different than later views. After decades of practice, I see what I wish I knew at 20 or 30. That doesn’t necessarily make it relevant to a 20 or 30 year old. As each of you said, you still have to get up each day, try to make something of it. Some people will find a way, and others won’t. We are not the only ones having a debate about the profession and lack of jobs; on Archinet, the younger folks want the older folks to retire. The oldsters say: happy to, but you dont have my skillsets. If we don’t debate, then something loses relevance, it becomes insignificant. No one was even willing to stick up for the idea.So I have actually been grateful to hear from Bronxelf and twfarlan, their alternate views, and from each of you, as supporting views. It’s the only way we will figure something out. It means we still care. And if we figure some things out, we might make changes. We do have some resources, as noted. and clearly we have ideas. best regards,Cindy

  16. Cindy Frewen Wuellner, phd, faia says:

    Here’s a new book from RIBA: “After Redundancy: Living In and Out of Architecture features architects who have found new roles including opening their own cake shop, becoming a journalist and organising vegetarian dinner parties. “The project is the work of James Whitaker, 28, who lost his architecture job at Heatherwick Studio in April 2009 and decided to launch a new career as a photographer by shooting portraits of other redundant architects.”While many think that the architecture profession lost a generation during the 1989-1992 recession, I have not seen documentation. Clearly we are facing similar risk here. And the profession is changing so dramatically that even how we practice and our roles in the construction process are altering dramatically. While CAD was widely adopted during that early-1990s recession, now, along with BIM, design-build, and increasingly curbed project resources, increased productivity/person will likely result in fewer traditional jobs. However, restoration and adaptive reuses (a very hands-on project approach), green building, social technologies, and global urbanization with a massive housing shortage lead me to believe that resilient, innovative architects with a nose for specialized skills will be at a premium.

  17. Steve Mouzon says:

    Great list, Cindy! Here’s a post that deals with the current hardship in the architecture profession, but from a different perspective. Why Architecture Students & Recent Graduates are Lucky:

  18. Reece Carter says:

    Thank you for this post…. After being out of work for 19 months, now, its only been until recently that this list is palatable. But I’ve come to grips with the fact that its all just stuff. Take the house, if you have too. Cut off my cable, whatever, etc…. But when I kept going back to Item 13, I realized that I wasn’t going to sleep in my car. The cars are paid for, by the way, so nobody was going to come after my Plan B ;) … and its baby steps from there. So, don’t think you have to do all 101. Try this; do number 1 and then do number 13. Then number 2, then number 13. Then do number, oh, i don’t know,… number 26. You an learn to speak French for free on iTunes. And then go back to number 13. You get the idea. You’ll see that all of the perceived ‘important’ things are petty bullshit in comparison. And then, if you’re still passionate about architecture, then you’ll start to see new visions for it all and begin to go after them with out a concern for the fee. The truth is, all of us in this funk of doubt bought into the lie that “…if I just got that degree/position/job, I will be secure. I am an Architect, I design the future.” And, unfortunately, we continue to sell that ‘planned life’ mantra in our profession.Welcome to the wake-up call. You may have to go back to doing as-built’s for property managers or whatever. After you’re done with it, though, take 12$ and go (see number 3) to the matinee and watch Squeakqual with your kid that you took out of daycare for the unemployed duration. Then go back and do number 13 and tell them about the great day you had. If your friends can’t applaud the great day with you, find a new number 13 group to go to. With the right heart, though, you’ll realize that those lame as-built jobs can turn into a relationship that could be your next big break with that new french client (remember 26?) that just came to town that nobody else could speak to. So, thank you, @Urbanverse, for the reminder that its going to be a realignment of our individual perspective that is going to get us through this unfortunate time. And, also, the reality that we will need to do things differently when the new opportunities arise… and they will.R

  19. Chad Cooper says:

    I think this post is great. It helps to guide people to clear their heads of all the negativity associated with being unemployed. I was let go from my position in March of 2009. I had several months warning in advance, but I still did not fully absorb the scenario until I was no longer taking the drive to work. I was scared. I had changed positions and moved across the country several times before, and dealt with the stress and anxiety of starting at a new company. A part of me thought I’d be able to just to that again… but, after doing some initial searching, what I had already knew was finally brought to the surface… it was not going to be that easy, because the economy was terrible and our professional opportunities were truly depleted. I reached out to some colleagues for advice and for a level of reassurance. And, after acknowledging to myself that I could not think about the current situation in the manner as in the past, I realized I actually did have an opportunity. I did have freedom and a chance to involve myself in far more invigorating and satisfying activities and projects. And, I should emphasize, I am married with 4 children, am the sole financial provider and do NOT come from a wealthy family… nor does my wife. So, financial stress was in the mix right from the start. But, that did NOT mean the freedom and opportunity I refer to above was not available to me. It was. And I did what I could do. I created projects for myself… ones which were most satisfying to me. I threw myself into FaceBook, Twitter, Blogging, and several other social media/on-line networking venues. With that, I managed to get a project… and my family and I learned to milk the fees I received for every penny. We’re living tighter then at any point since I first graduated. And, while I would love to “fall into a bunch of money”, I take pleasure in the knowledge that we’ve adapted… it’s satisfying. It makes me feel more confident about having to deal with future periods o financial stain. Now, I’m certainly out there trying to generate additional work… it’s a necessity. But, I realized I need a lot less money to “live”, and I definitely enjoy my days as someone who’s “struggling” through self-employment then when I was employed. I just think of how great things will be when more money does start to flow in… bit by bit… and how much more I will now be able to do with it after having to learn to get by with so much less. It truly is a freeing feeling that I don’t see how I would have developed without having experienced the past year.Thanks for putting your list out there to read and reflect upon!Best,Chad

  20. Cindy Frewen Wuellner, phd, faia says:

    Chad, you give me hope for architecture’s future. If someone can change their frame of mind from what they expected as you did, I still think there are huge opportunities to use our skills profitably. We know so many things, it’s astonishing how many other fields and endeavors we complement. We just get caught in familiar patterns. With new tech like social media, the world has changed, new avenues are available and very very few architects are taking advantage of them! maddening. really. You did!! congratulations.I am thrilled for you and for your family. You might read @architectderek’s ideas for start ups. dont stop creating a new path. really, reinvent every month, if not every day, how you might rethink your projects, your lifestyle, and your approaches to getting work. it’s a wide open world with this crazy frontier on line. You are on your wishes for you,Cindy

  21. Nick says:

    Hi, Wow…this made me smile, how positive, great. I’m an architect in the UK and I was made redundant about 18 months ago and haven’t worked since. Fortunately I was planning to go travelling, so I did, I cycled nearly 7000miles around India, the UK and the Far East. I’ve never been outside of Europe so it was well overdue, an enlightening mind bending life mesmerising exhausting odyssey through some mega cities and countless towns and small villages, smiling faces and hello’s and waving hands. I also raised, through cycling, some money for charity, enough to build a pre-primary school in Bagladesh; I found this out this morning, that also put a smile on my face, just by cycling and asking for a few donations from friends and people I met on my journey there will be better educated children in a very poor part of the world. You don’t have to be an architect to create or facilitate something that improves the quality of someone’s life, which is what I think architecture is about…yes, I am an idealist! I am fortunate though in that I have no kids to look after and no mortgage bills to account for and no debts, like some, and no I don’t come from a wealthy family I have just worked hard and paid my debts off..just in time to be made redundant!! Was that a coincidence I ask myself? Through our actions we can create. Being creative and positive is about being human. I hope to work as an architect again…. somewhere, the opportunity will come. At the moment I am reading all the books I have on architecture I never got around to reading…great stuff. We have a choice, being positive…or being negative. It’s pretty obvious which one is best.I will be paying close attention to your future lists, I think they’re super.

  22. Cindy Frewen Wuellner, phd, faia says:

    Nick: your story is amazing, takes my breath away. 7000 miles and built a school – what essential work. You are being an architect, of a different sort. as it’s said, there are no coincidences. I will post again soon, have had a raft of deadlines. Thank you for your comments. and keep reading inspiring writing, spending time with amazing people, and experience places that move you. Time really is a gift, far greater than money. You have used your time so well that I feel humbled. Simply miraculous. Keep me posted on your latest endeavors. I think you’re doing very important work. You might actually be wasted in an architecture office, although I understand the urge to design buildings. I would not trade one day of my architectural career. Yet it seems to me that you possess some rare talents – the drive and ability to accomplish significant things. If you return to a traditional firm, find a place and people that are in sync with your values and are doing projects that bring you meaning. You might want to connect with Cameron Sinclair @casinclair, who runs Architecture for Humanity. He is also doing amazing things, you two might be able to help each other. warm regards,Cindy

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    I have just stumbled across this thread and am frankly bemused by it. I am an unemployed architect in the UK which is having it every bit as bad as my friends out in the US, believe me. I love to debate the subjects of use of spare time; alternate lifestyles; the reality of continued economic expansion and so on – but where does this get me and how do I pay my mortgage? I worked in the USA back in the late 1990s but had to return to the UK for family reasons. I still have friends and contacts out there and feel for them as I do for all in a similar position at home. We are all in this together. The only good thing about being in the UK as opposed to being in the US is that it is not easy to get hold of a gun here! If it was I would be in prison now for having shot as many hedgefund bosses and leading merchant bankers as I could find! They caused this recession – they never suffer for it – indeed they have their snouts back in the trough as soon as possible. How’s that for a bit of philosophy? My best wishes and hopes for all fellow architects and designers out there – either side of the big pond. Let’s hope things start to improve soon …

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      event calls for. It also comes in dainty and delicate pieces to chunky.

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      Many of the best eBay sellers for most of these classic jewelry making materials
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      Their eBay shops will be an awesome resource for uncommon, hard-to-find classic Swarovski
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    • Shawn says:

      Have a fantastic week!

    • 5. The present setting of relaxed monetary coverage,
      which fuels fears of inflation, has boosted the funding attraction of gold.

    • That is due to China’s booming economic system, the fourth largest on this
      planet, which is rising by eleven percent per 12 months.

    • Melvina says:

      There are three part components to a scorching air balloon, the envelope (which is the fabric which holds
      the air); the basket (which is the place the pilot
      and passengers will stand); and the burner (which propels the heat up in to
      the balloon).

    • Scot says:

      Winston Diamond drop earrings, a Glowing Cluster diamond
      ring, an emerald-lower diamond rock band, round good and emerald-cut diamond
      band ring, a South Seas pearl and diamond ring, and a Lily Cluster diamond ring, all set in platinum.

    • Celsa says:

      The Langdales in the English Lake District, wanting as clear as I’ve ever seen them.

    • Adrian says:

      Ammolite jewelry has been recognized to captivate with its rich
      and vibrant colors. Though it’s been 70 million years within the making, this uncommon gem is relatively new having only been granted gem standing in 1981.

    • Dainty but structured, this Suzanne Kalan necklace incorporates a
      collection of English Blue Topaz gemstones set in gold

    • Barney says:

      Take your stuff to Craigslist or have a neighborhood sale.

    • Circa 1910.

    • The wonderful thing about making your individual
      jewelry is you should utilize much less or more
      expensive beads, and nonetheless create modern jewelry for a
      fraction of the value.

    • Lasonya says:

      This doesn’t imply they are less profitable or ready buyers than males.
      In Tom Peters e-book ReImagine!

    • Leandra says:

      Remember that a jewelry store could possibly be a possible buyer to your

    • Muoi says:

      The newly engaged couple got here in to visit us earlier this week and instructed us
      all in regards to the proposal that came about in Times Square; the nerves leading up to
      it (from him), the shock as he dropped to his knee (from her) and
      squeals of delight (from him after she accepted).

    • Bernard says:

      I might actually love to see this jewel worn once more as a tiara, not least as a result of I discover it barely tough to check the way it truly sits on the pinnacle.
      Unfortunately, because the Duchess now has access to way more impressive pieces, this tiara is left to accumulate dust until higher times.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I’ve discovered myself simply distracted over the past week or
      two with the amusing antics of the current broods of baby birds within the
      backyard. There’s this beautiful delicious stage shortly after fledging after they’re out in the big vast world for the primary time,
      but not absolutely prepared for it. The stage after
      they fly within the oddest method, more like bumble bees
      than birds – whereas they excellent the
      act of steering while in flight and hone the amazingly agile
      skills that adult birds demonstrate with jealousy-inducing ease.

    • Demetrius says:

      It was throughout this period that Knox produced his first jewelry designs that included brooches
      and buckles.

    • says:

      It seems that there isn’t a stopping Royal Caribbean, as now based in Southampton is the largest
      cruise ship of the moment, Independence Of The Seas, which can be sister ship to the others
      holding the title, Liberty of the Seas and Freedom of the

    • Whether you might have bought it yourself or someone else has gifted it to you,
      the gold ornaments must be taken care of properly.

    • Elyse says:

      Maybe we’re just turning right into a pair of outdated farts, however
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    • Ward says:

      Onyx is a stunning black gemstone found usually in gemstone jewellery.
      It is purported to dispel or deflect negativity from the wearer.

    • On the subject of the making of any sort
      of jewelry many things are taken in to consideration.

    • Cory says:

      The Oasis of the Seas will be totally different from some other cruise ship in that
      it will likely be set round seven different neighbourhoods,
      and it will also have an Aqua Theatre.

    • Karolyn says:

      Try to not bathe or swim in your high quality jewellery.

      Many occasions the kind of water (laborious versus comfortable) can splash and wear
      the metal jewellery or stain the stone.

    • Shauna says:

      You’ll at all times find the already-covered checklist of jewels of the Duchess here.


    • Henry says:

      Prime members additionally enjoy unique access to motion pictures and TV exhibits,
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      A domed silver Arts & Crafts brooch adorned with very positive wirework and gold bobbles set with a citrine and three mother- of- pearl plaques.

    • What I do is minimize off about twice as a lot stretch magic as
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    • Betsy says:

      Instead of adding steel, what about taking it away?

    • If there are knots in your necklaces, you’ll be able to easily untangle them.

    • Rozella says:

      Extreme moisture and warmth may be damaging to jewellery.

    • Cecila says:

      The historical past of jewelry is a protracted one, with many various makes use
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    • Jewelry Selling Websites – There are extra websites and promotions offered online than in land-primarily based shops so simply are affected particular
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    • Aleisha says:

      Charles Robert Ashbee was born in London, the son of a affluent metropolis merchant.
      Educated at Wellington College and King’s Faculty, Cambridge, he was articled to
      G. F. Bodley.

    • Bruce says:

      15 transfer to withdraw the notes – is 45,000 rupees ($663) per 10 gms in Karol Bagh, fifty three % larger than the official value, mentioned one jeweler who has been within the commerce
      for 14 years.

    • Phoebe says:

      One such bracelet is known as the silvertone beaded bracelet.

    • Zack says:

      There were several large show cabinets and I had
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    • Vonnie says:

      History additionally refers to Gold in various Epics and Spiritual inscriptions just like the E book of Genesis, Exodus XXV, and writings of Homer, Sophocles,
      Herodotus, Pliny and others.

    • says:

      As soon as you might be certain that none of these things have any real value (the
      jewellery is costume, the missing earring isn’t to be
      discovered) you may turn these sparkly pretties into fashionable magnets for use on your
      refrigerator or different steel floor. Using small wire
      cutters or needle-nostril pliers, remove any pins
      or posts and affix a magnet to the again using a powerful
      adhesive similar to Tremendous Glue.

    • Every girl loves Tiffany jewelry, and Kate
      is not any exception.

    • Moises says:

      The table-lower description refers to a thin diamond section with a flat top and backside,
      where the diamonds have also been faceted around the edge.

    • Platinum tends to be very conscious of ultrasonic
      cleaning so when you’ve got a large assortment of any type
      of jewellery, it may be price it to put money into a basin.

    • Sol says:

      Until just lately, Titanium was probably to be used in excessive tech fields similar
      to area and medical fields – when you wear light-weight glasses, they probably comprise Titanium.

    • Deandre says:

      Jewellery is usually thought of as synonymous with the customs and traditions of the nation. Artificial jewelry is quite inexpensive form of

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      And now let’s have a look at the downsides of investing in Gold.

    • Convey a fashionably fun edge to your informal look with combine
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      In case you want to buy individuals ornaments
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      Totally different individuals have different style for jewelry and many will have their own ideas on jewelleryPreference in jewelry will be very totally different and individuals could possibly be specific about what they would favor to wear when in comparison with
      other things.There is a big variation in jewellery tastes as a result of individuals tend
      to be extra particular about which jewelry they plan to wear than their other apparel.Preferences
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    • I might encourage all crafters to investigate simply how easy it’s to create handcrafted jewelry as gifts for family and friends or to
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    • See what seems to be and feels best on you.

    • Woodrow says:

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    • Kate says:

      Soaring prices of gold and high salaries, have inflated Italian jewellery producers’ prices.

    • Dorthea says:

      He was accused of amassing more than $10 billion while in workplace and died in exile in 1989.

    • Essie says:

      The disc allure has Kate’s monogram on one side, and Camilla’s on the
      opposite. Each Cs are below a coronet, but Kate’s C has an additional curl,
      while Camilla’s is surrounded by a circle.

    • Keith says:

      As I’ve blogged about many occasions, certainly one of
      our favourite spots is Beacon Fell in Lancashire, England –
      we’ve been going there regularly for over 40 years, lengthy earlier than we even knew each other.

      It’s a spot that’s very busy in the course of the day, but once the
      teashop closes and the loos are locked up for the night, you only have a tendency to search out it frequented by locals and dog walkers
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    • Don says:

      Make sure you know what to search for when buying platinum jewellery.
      Platinum needs to be at the very least 95% pure to ensure that it to be thought of
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    • Ferne says:

      Early jewelry making in China started across the identical
      interval, nevertheless it grew to become widespread with the spread of Buddhism round 2,000 years in the

    • Royal insignia had been immediately commissioned from craftsmen in Paris: a
      crown, sceptre, sword and belt, imperial orb and seal container for the king, and a crown for the queen.

    • Renate says:

      In keeping with the Centre for Social Markets, some 2 million individuals of
      South Asian origin stay in Britain, forming
      the largest ethnic minority group within the country and estimated to contribute over 5 billion kilos
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    • Patti says:

      Coro Jewelry’s most collectible objects were made between 1930 and 1950.

    • Louise says:

      If you happen to’re making wire jewellery and
      do not have wire cutters, just use a pair of fingernail clippers.

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      Chances are you’ll need to create sure effect, however for those
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    • Annette says:

      Sarcastically, it goes against our conventional notion of Latin girls being, nicely, shall we
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    • Margareta says:

      The singer was not residence at the time of the theft and the police had been notified around
      4 p.m. Could 30.

    • Lara says:

      However the Italian goldsmith sector is combating an uphill battle
      against punitive import duties imposed by markets such as China, and competitors from decrease cost producers benefiting
      from bettering design abilities and the most recent technology.

    • Retha says:

      The newly engaged couple came in to visit us earlier this week and instructed us all concerning the proposal that occurred in Times Sq.; the nerves main up to it (from him), the surprise