Hello there, thanks for stopping in. I am a long-time architect who designed public projects in Kansas City, sold my business, and got graduate degrees in futures studies and communications to teach, research and write about the future of cities and architecture. My focus is: how do we live and work in a way that enriches our lives and those of future generations?

This past year has seen a few upheavals both personal and professional. Projects went on hold as we’ve resorted priorities and made investments which are now beginning to work well. Plus I am the chair of the Association of Professional Futurists, which is celebrating its ten year anniversary. You’ll hear of those activities and AIA, University of Kansas, University of Houston, and Kansas City Design Center, where I’m also on the board.

At Urbanverse, you’ll find stories and ideas about urban/architecture futures, social change (a course I teach at U of Houston Futures Studies program), design, sustainability, communication, nano, neuro, books, education, publics. I am enormously curious about people and planet topics.

You can also find me on Twitter – @urbanverse